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The Genius of VISION
nick nora asta
Just when I think my time spent on the internet is waste, I find this and it all becomes worth it.

" is the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes."
Somebody created A WHOLE WEBSITE dedicated to DOGS dressed up as BEES!!!!
Doesn't it fill you with a childlike glee and make you feel that somehow, because of this, humanity is ultimately good and will be OKAY?!

I ask you my fellow humans... look at this:

And know that there are hundreds of photos at of dogs dressed like bees and tell me, don't you just feel in your gut "Hooray for freedom!"

And while seeing Anne Geddes make millions off of stupid photos of babies in costumes makes me sick.... Someone creating a website of dogs (SPECIFICALLY) in BEE costumes... makes me glad to be alive. If it were just dogs in costumes, it would be WEAK and saccharine sweet but the great vision of saying "NO! ONLY BEE COSTUMES!".... it's a thing of beauty.

Go forth, my friends, and enjoy a world in which BEEDOGS.COM exists!

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I know I missed it but happy birthday, dude.

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hope all is well. see you don't check this too much either.

hopping in late, but only because it's rather amusing that my wife just stumbled onto this a day or two ago, and how weird that the first time I gravitate over to your LJ in a dog's age (*groan*), this is the last entry.

Well, BEEDOGS now! Amazing. As Sir Quentin Tarantino would say, "That's the funny shit!".
Tanx 4 it, fellow.

(That was a kinda neurasthenic interest - who the hell is "deadman" in LJ. I just love "Deadman" the movie.)

It's been ages since I've seen you around these parts.

Can you please tell your weather gods to knock it off with the cold rainy weather? It's going to ruin my NYC vacation.

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