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me 09
If you're on Twitter, follow me there.

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Why the fuck would I want to do that?

Because you enjoy hilarity and whatnot.

Plus it's obvious that you've missed me terribly.

haha wtf ever

just so you know, that whole myspace thing a few years back was more like "oh wow new software and i want to test it" than anything "single white female."

i say that because it's been weird between us since then. you just won't hold me like you used to.

I only vaguely remember that but I can assure you there was no weirdness or anything like that. I just didn't quite understand what the software was all about and how I fit into your testing.

It's all good, homeslice.

I don't have a twitter. :(

Oh okay, i did, but only to follow guilty pleasure celebs & the like. I couldn't keep up though.

Well, hopefully, I'll be blogging again here. Since myspace is a virtual ghost town. I do enjoy the micro-blogging of Twitter though. So much easier to compose a 140 character thought than a blog proper.

Anyway, you can still give it a looksee and I think my first blog proper will be a best of my tweets to bridge the LJ-Twitter gap.

Also... HI!

I tried to use Twitter for awhile, but it felt like every tweet (oh i feel dirty saying that) had to be really witty. I ain't got that kind of energy. D:

Oh and... HI! to you too.

Dear Twitter..I ate a cookie..

Dear Twitter, Stuff makes me angry! Grrrr! Love, Angry Jim.

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