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Thomas Cunningham
I'm a screenwriter living in Los Angeles and a "starving artist". in other ways, I'm not so cliche.

I don't eat meat but I kill people for sport... just kidding, I hate sports.(except MMA)

I love big dogs and I only smoke angel dust on holidays. My eyes are filled with lust and my heart is filled with love, my brain processes it all and makes dark irreverant humor out of it. I'm a swell guy.
12 monkeys, ac/dc, adam and the ants, adam west, afghan whigs, akira kurosawa, al green, alf, alfred hitchcock, anagrams, andrew w.k., angelina jolie, animal rights, aretha franklin, batman (1966), bill hicks, billie holiday, bright eyes, cheap trick, chuck palahniuk, city of lost children, coen brothers, coffee, comedy, crispin hellion glover, d.h. lawrence, d.r.i., dave mckean, david bowie, david fincher, david lynch, dead man, dogs, donnie darko, dr. katz, eddie izzard, elliott smith, eminem, ennio morricone, errol flynn, fight club, film, film noir, fiona apple, franciose hardy, franz kafka, freaks and geeks, fydor dostoyevsky, george carlin, get a life, girls, girls without boyfriends, hanoi rocks, heathers, henry miller, hunter s. thompson, iggy pop, iron maiden, j. krishnamurti, jack black, james dean, jean-luc godard, jeff buckley, jim jaramusch, jim morrison, john coltrane, john lee hooker, johnny cash, johnny depp, johnny rotten, joy division, jsbx, jude christodal, keepin' it real, kevin corrigan, land of the lost, leonard cohen, lewis carroll, lost and delirious, marcel duchamp, marilyn manson, marvin gaye, miles davis, misfits, models with phds, monkeys, monty python, morphine, motown, mr. show, mystery science theater 3000, natalie portman, new york city, nick cave, nietzsche, northern exposure, ornette coleman, orson welles, pablo neruda, photography, pin-stripe suits, postmodernism, pulp, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rainer maria rilke, richard pryor, robby muller, rolling stones, roxy music, sarah silverman, screenwriting, se7en, serge gainsbourg, sergio leone, sex pistols, sid and marty krofft, simpsons, slayer, sly stone, south park, space ghost, spinal tap, stanley kubrick, stevie wonder, stooges, terry gilliam, the birthday party, the cure, the daily show, the spitters, the the, tim burton, tindersticks, tom and jerry, tom jones, tom waits, tragedy, transcendence, vaganza, vegetarianism, vincent gallo, ween, wes anderson, william s. burroughs, william shakespeare, wings of desire, writing, x-files, young ones